When in the business for a new air conditioning unit, there are so many questions that people ask. How do I know which one is right for me? How do I even know that I need a new unit? Well, we are here to tell you that we want to help! Going without an air conditioning unit can be a stressful and uncomfortable situation, and having to pay for constant repairs just adds an extra level of stress. If you are suspecting that you may be in need of a new unit, call us and we will send a trusted professional out to you to offer you the help and advice that you need.

10 Indicators You Need a New Air Conditioner

  1. Your unit is frequently breaking down
    • If it seems like your air conditioning unit is constantly broken down, then there may be a problem at hand. If you are calling a repairman regularly for your unit, it is likely that you are spending a significant amount of money on these repairs. As opposed to paying extra money to fix a unit that is old and not functioning as it should, it may be time to invest in a new air conditioning unit.
  2. You are facing quite expensive repairs
    • Many times we tell ourselves that it would be cheaper to try and fix our air conditioner instead of purchasing a new one. What happens when we run into a repair that costs as much as half of a brand new system? Sometimes, when we look at the repair costs and compare them to the cost of purchasing a new unit, we realize that it would be a lot more worthwhile to purchase the new unit. As a long-term investment a new unit provides more reliability over the following years.
  3. Air conditioner is more than 10 years old
    • When looking at the life span of an air conditioner, it is generally said that if the unit is consistently and well maintained, the unit will last up to 15 years. That being said, after 10 years when the system is giving you problems the price for repair is often not worth it. When weighing out the better “bang for your buck” it may become clear that you are better off getting a new air conditioner instead of spending countless dollars on repairs for an out of date unit that is near the end of its life.
  4. The air conditioner is using R22 Freon
    • The federal government has made the decision to phase out the use of Freon due to the energy consumption. If you have a unit that still uses Freon, it is just a matter of time until you will be forced to replace the system for a more energy efficient one, or change the cooling refrigerant entirely to R410A. If you are noticing a constant need to replace the Freon in your air conditioner, it may be an ideal time to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit.
  5. There is a buildup of moisture in your unit
    • When an air conditioner is running, it naturally builds moisture within the unit. Typically a unit can handle the amount of moisture that is being created, but sometimes it cannot. When you notice leakage around the unit it may be a sign of a refrigerant leak. A leak like this can cause for the unit to underperform, but can also create major health risks within the household. Water buildup fosters the perfect breeding ground for mold, which will cause the spores to circulate through your home.
  6. The airflow has become limited and lacks cool air
    • The most obvious indication that you need a new air conditioning unit is the absence of cool airflow coming from the vents. There can be countless problems that need to be resolved professionally.
  7. There is a foul smell coming through vents
    • An air conditioner should be putting out clean air with no scent to it. If a problem is present, the air may have a foul smelling scent that needs immediate attention. If you notice a smoky smell that reminds you of something burning, this indicates a serious problem and needs to be looked into as soon as possible.
  8. The unit is making a lot of noise
    • If you notice that your air conditioner is making a lot of noise, this is not something to overlook. Sometimes the units will give off a grinding or squeaking noise and people assume that it is normal wear and tear, but I can assure you that it is not. Units are supposed to be operating at a minimal noise level that is barely detectable. If you are experiencing issues like this, it is time for a new air conditioning unit.
  9. Your home has become uncomfortable
    • If you are noticing that your air conditioner is not keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, then there may be a slew of things going wrong. Anything from an aging system to a wrongly sized unit. Being able to identify the problem is the first step, and fixing it is the next. At this point it may be better to simply purchase a new unit that you know will get the job done.
  10. Your energy bill has skyrocketed
    • If you have noticed a significant increase in your energy bill then there is a possibility that it is due to your air conditioner not functioning how it should. If the air conditioner has to put out extra effort to get your home cooled, then your monthly energy bill will reflect exactly that. Upgrading to a new unit will reduce your energy consumption now, and as years progress.