Making sure that the coil to your air conditioning unit is clean is very important. The coil to your unit allows for your system to cool the way that it is supposed to. When there is buildup on the coil due to debris and dust, your system will not be able to work properly or efficiently. This results in physical damage toy our system or a noticeable increase in your energy bill.

How Do Coils Work?

When the air s being circulated through your air conditioning unit, warm air passes through the coils. AT that time, the refrigerant that are in the coils are released and the heart from the air is absorbed by the coils. Through this process, moisture forms, which then attracts dust and other contaminants that may be present in the air. When this happens, the coils begin to become coated by all of the debris which restricts it from working as it should. If the coil cannot absorb the heat from your air or release the gas coolant, then your system is not working effectively or efficiently.

How Are Coils Cleaned?

Depending on the humidity in the season the condensation levels vary. The higher the humidity, the higher the levels of moisture on your coils. Thankfully, we are available to provide skilled cleaning and maintenance services for you and your unit. We provide skilled technicians who are available to come out and offer expertise services in cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils. In order to complete this service, the technician will shut down your air conditioning system and the condenser. The technician will then go outside of your home or business and remove the covering from the condenser to ensure it is clean and properly function. Once service to the condenser is complete, our technicians will ensure that your unit is clear of any debris, both inside and out. If the technician sees that there are bent or crooked fins on your system, they will then proceed to fix the issue using a specialized tool that we provide. The coils to your system are cleaned with a specialized cleaning solution that will allow for the highest quality cleaning.

When it is time to maintain your system and get the routine cleanings, be sure to give us a call so that we can provide you with the high quality service that we know you deserve!