When is it time to repair my air conditioning system?

A major indication that your air conditioning system is in need of a repair is when you notice you energy bill steadily increasing. This means that your system is not working as efficiently as it should. Other indicators that your system is in need of a repair are:

Water Leaks
When water begins to pool or there is an active leak near the air conditioning unit, this is a sign that there is an issue in how the system is running. If the issue is not resolved, further damage can occur. When you notice these problems, be sure to give us a call to address your needs!

Frequent Cycles
If you notice your air conditioner cycling on and off more than usual, it is time to contact us so that we can keep your unit as energy efficient as possible.

All of us know the discomfort that the warm, sticky outdoor weather brings. The last thing that anyone wants is to feel that same humid air inside of their home. If you are experiencing moisture in the air, now is the time to trust us with an expert repair.

Restricted air flow
If you begin to notice that you air conditioner is not blowing out the same amount of air, there may be a repair that needs to be addressed. It is important to check all of the equipment to ensure that there are no further underlying issues causing this restricted flow.

The air that flows through your home or business should be odorless. When the air begins to let off a scent, it is a clear indicator that something is wrong with your system. Contacting us for repairs ensures that you will get the service you deserve!